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Flower honey
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Flower honey includes a large category of honey species which come from the flowers and wildflowers of the Greek countryside.

The light color and sweet taste of flower honey travels in meadows full of wildflowers and wild herbs while its aroma is full of aromas of spring and nature. The exact color, taste and aroma depend on the bouquet of flowers from which the honey comes, but a common feature of all flower honeys, the bright color and the soft rich taste, remain constant.


Nutritional value


Flower honey has tonic and beneficial properties for the body. The nectar of the flowers from which it comes is what determines the final properties of honey. Flower honey helps the proper functioning of the digestive system, has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties while giving energy and endurance.

The sweet taste of flower honey makes it an ideal substitute for sugar in confectionery. Its antibacterial and antioxidant substances make it a much better choice than sugar, while its floral taste gives a spring note to any recipe. Honey produced from one type of flower has more requirements for the producer but is of higher quality and nutritional value.